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Mr. Doskozil, you should have thought of that beforehand.

In the world of esoteric theories it is often said that we should be careful about what we wish for because it may come true.

In the case of Hans-Peter Doskozil, the leader of the Socialists with what is probably the shortest tenure in the history of European socialism, if not the world, he finds that a friend of his who deals with the occult science should have revealed this ancient secret to him.

This theory states that all the forces of the universe are concentrated within you to bring about the miracle you have created in your mind. Scientifically speaking, and with a little attention to neurology, it just means that from the moment your BIG DESIRE sets your brain in motion, the following processes take place:

In the world of theater and music, we educators emphasize that it is important to have great desire in order to survive in a profession where you will hear more negative criticism than positive ones. The deep desire to devote yourself to music will be what motivates you to continue your education, study and struggle. However, before we demand visualization of our desires, we should first ask ourselves WHY they want to do this. Because, as illustrated in the case of the politician mentioned above, a GREAT WISH can be both fulfilling and destructive. He can make us what we don't want to be, hurting and destroying what we're supposed to be nurturing at this time.

Sometimes your BIG WISH doesn't match those around you. There are others, too, who all push their hormone receptors with the same intensity as you. All you have to do is accept that there is always a loser in this case.

In the case of the politician in question, this postulate is verified, because if Han Peter Doskozil had not been determined to get to the top of his party at all costs, while disloyally undermining all the positions of his then leader, the Socialists today would not paint that image of clowns, incompetent and corrupt.

A constant and compulsive goal, such as that pursued by Doskozil since he took power in Burgenland, not only undermines the health of everyone, but also that of his close associates and helpers (the tyrannical and despotic methods of his style of government are well known). He had nothing else in mind than creating an image as the savior of Burgenland and then selling it to all Austrians.

The result is a Burgenland that will soon realize that all the political goodies that Hans-Peter Doskozil gave the people of Burgenland have a high economic price. Because money does not fall from the sky and this man threw money out of the window with the sole aim of creating an image in the country for which he wanted to run for chancellor.

Not only Hans-Peter Doskozil and all his staff around him will experience a dopamine drop that will lead them into the darkest and saddest depression they have ever experienced, but the entire region he presides over. It would be better for him to step down and make room for more honest politicians who are concerned with the people of Burgenland and not with their own personal projections. His voice would thank him too.

Let's learn from this resounding failure in today's politics and draw conclusions: all is not well to reach the finish line. You must maintain loyalty and integrity and empathize with those around you. Because if you don't, BIG WISH will turn against you... or karma or whatever you want to call it.

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