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Wanting to explain the Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel by justifying them by the oppression suffered by the Palestinians because of Israel, is like wanting to justify the crimes of the Nazi regime which was also a response to the oppression suffered under the impositions of the Treaty of Versailles.

There is no justification whatsoever for those, who feel depreciated,not to invest all their energy and will, in solving their problems with those they consider their oppressors, in a peaceful and dialogical way.

There have not been many examples in the past, because unfortunately it is much easier to encourage people to take the path of violence by speaking directly to their animal instincts of aggression and defense, and because the one who said war from above, also makes a great deal of business. Either he consolidates his political and ideological power, or he enriches himself thanks to the suicidal sacrifice of the herds he sends to the battlefield.

And I am talking about a he, and I do not gentrify, because unfortunately it is historically by majority a fact, that men are the ones who have defended more this behavior.

The great names that have gone down in history with equal recognition by both, the oppressed and the oppressors of their time, have been people who sat in dialogue, who suffered imprisonment, voluntary fasting and death as an intrinsic danger, and for some of them certain.

Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela...

I have always been suspicious of any political position that had to be defended by shouting in the streets or slapping each other, to put it mildly.

➡️ If someone has to impose his ideas on the other being convinced that they are true, why resort to violence instead of writting books or speeches where dialectics prevails?

➡️ What is it that they lack to convince others through these tools? :

⁉️ Basic knowledge? Real knowledge of the facts, of history?

➡️ What prevents them from doing so?

⁉️ Ignorance? The intrinsic violence of his character? The inability to express himself without resorting to force?....

Everyone who knows me knows my passion for history and studying it in a dilettante way, since it was the career I always wanted to study but could never do.

Among the historical events that have always interested me personally is the history of the Jewish people and specifically its history in the twentieth century. I know Israel and I love Israel. This is not to say that I do not recognize the great problems that this complex country represents for many and also how difficult it is for Israelis among themselves, to deal with the big amount of cultural and social problems. They were brought about by the creation of the country and the return of the diaspora scattered all over the world after centuries of being divided geographically and only united by a unifying idea of belonging to an ethnic/religious group.

To expose here all that I have learned from my study on the subject will surely take me not a few hours of blogging but weeks or months, time that my profession, which is not that of a political commentator, nor of a historian, does not allow me to dedicate.

But I do believe that I should make a call and postulate myself clearly towards the defense of the existence of a people persecuted for two millennia to have a country in which to live without being attacked. Moreover, I know that this people, who have suffered so much, in conditions of PEACE, will also sit down to dialogue and negotiate when the other side stops harassing them with the continuous terrorist aggression.

It is a matter of time and intelligence, as well as economic and political interest.

But to reach that moment, many things must change and above all the terrorist aggressions of Hamas and Hezbollah must cease. The Arabs of Palestine, Lebanon and Syria should start looking for leaders truly committed to their people and not sold to the political ideologies of distant countries with which they only share a certain and fanatical vision of Islam, which is not the only one, the shiite one, but with the Wahhabi vision the most extremist and suicidal.

Many Palestinians have already understood that they are victims of Hamas but they are themselves hostages of this organization. One only has to remember how in the demonstrations against Hamas the executions against the demonstrators were those of throwing them to the void from the highest buildings.

What is really insane is that the West goes to the streets and chants on social networks a slogan of free Palestine that has nothing to do with the reality that they do not know in this punished by their terrorist-mafiose organizations of this territory.

The Palestinian people proclaim that they find themselves in a situation similar to that of apartheid in South Africa, of the colonized in India and reduced to the category of lower class like the blacks of North America a few decades ago. However, they have not succeeded in defending their claims but by the path of the most aggressive violence.

But what the rest of humanity should not fail to do is to demand that we are not deceived and that there are people who want to defend our rights through voting and democracy, dialogue and cultural exchange. Humans of the age of social networks idiotized by the false propaganda and the deafening cries of the great majority who can't put two and two together.

It is clear that for people to be born with those human qualities so superior to those of the rest, such as the above-mentioned great men, a certain conjunction of planets seems to be necessary, which is not common in all generations... some justification for the recurrent absence of great pacifist leaders in history must exist...Let us concentrate our prayers for certain planetary conjunctions to happen again. Amen...

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